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  1. Will the July 1 Super changes affect you?

    You may have heard that there are changes coming to Superannuation.  The Protect Your Super reforms will be effective as at 1st July, 2019 What are these reforms? If you have an inactive account (an account that has not received contributions or rollovers for 16 months), the insurance will be cancelled on that account in […]

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  2. Colonial First State

    Below is a statement released by Colonial First State with regards to the class action lodged against them.  Should you have any concerns, please contact our office on 1300 014 368.   As you may have seen, Slater and Gordon have now commenced a class action against Colonial First State Investments (CFSIL) and Commonwealth Bank […]

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  3. Welcome Scott

    On Friday we said farewell to Kristian.  For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet him, Kristian had been doing a short term internship at FPD whilst he finished his degree.  Congratulations to Kristian as he passed and completed his degree and secured a graduate position with one of the top […]

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  4. Understanding Market Volatility

    Markets are influenced by many things – industrial, economic, political and social factors can all have an impact.  Many of these influences are unpredictable and can lead to increased volatility.  During times of market volatility (ie the ups and downs of the market) it’s important to remember one of the fundamental principles of investing – […]

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  5. End Financial Year Statements

    Getting a head start on your taxes? Different companies provide the documents you require to complete your tax return at different times, however, some are already available (including Commsec, Centrelink & Clearview). What type of statements do I need for tax that FPD can help with? PAYG summaries (eg from your source of income, including […]

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  6. Merry Christmas from FPD

    Another year has come and gone, they sure feel like they go by quickly. Whilst this year didn’t contain the surprises of 2016, such as Brexit or the US election, there are still a number of economic considerations and impacts to be assessed, including;   Implications of the US tax cuts & rate rises Decline […]

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  7. Pensioner Concession Cards – GREAT NEWS!!

    Did you lose your pension entitlement in January, 2017 and hence the Pensioner Concession Card? Great news is that from 9th October, the government will be reinstating the card to those that lost it.  This change will enable you to regain access to discounts & concessions offered by states and private providers. The card should […]

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  8. Should we worry about Catalonia?

    You may have seen in the news recently discussion surrounding Catalonia electing to become independent from the rest of Spain. Whilst it is interesting political news, what does this mean for us?  As we have experienced in the past, any form of political risk will see an increase in volatility in the markets, particularly the […]

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  9. Victorian Seniors Festival

    The Victorian Seniors Festival will be held throughout the month of October. It is a week to honor our senior citizens and there is an array of events, activities and entertainment for all seniors. There is even free public transport for the week of Sunday, 8th October to Sunday, 15th October. As well as the […]

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  10. Footy for a great cause

    For those of you who are footy tragics (guilty!), you will be aware of the EJ Whitten Legends game that was played recently in Melbourne. This is great entertainment for those of us old enough to remember these stars and delight in seeing them again. There is, however, a more serious side in that it […]

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