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  1. FPD Aged Care Workshop

    Aged care has become a big topic in the last few years. We are seeing more members of the “sandwich generation”, trying to juggle elderly parents who may need more care now whilst also still helping out the kids. We have a few clients who have both the elderly parents and kids living at home […]

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  2. Saving for your first home?

    If you’re struggling to break into the housing market, or you’d like to give your kids or grandkids a head start, the government’s new First Home Super Saver Scheme might give you the edge you’ve been looking for. Low interest rates may have made home loans more affordable, however, it has also made it more […]

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  3. FPD Wealth Portal

    At FPD, we sometimes ask the uncomfortable questions. For some that may be discussing what would happen financially to your family if you were no longer here. For others it may mean discussing how to leave their estate to their loved ones. For many, however, it is SPENDING! Many of our clients don’t want to […]

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  4. Counting the cost of a curve ball

    Curve balls. They’re unexpected, often deceptive and it’s impossible to predict their trajectory. That’s why they’re so devastating – in sport and in life. There’s some interesting data now available about the kind of curve balls that can impact your life, your finances and your retirement. The headline figure is this: one in three Australians […]

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