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Kellie Perkins

Having worked in an operational role for many years, moving to one of the ‘Big 6, 5, 4’ from the late 90’s until the early 00’s, then having 7 years at home with a young family, Financial Planning by Design was Kellie’s re-entry to the workforce.

Coming to work for someone who puts family first and shows their clients the importance of protecting family, was one of the most appealing aspects of FPbyD. Each day I get to speak to clients about the everyday stuff, while we make an appointment or solve a query. One thing I love is that we know about our clients’ everyday stuff; where the holidays are planned for, birthday celebrations, new car and special family moments. Those topics are important to all of us and we all appreciate when people remember things we’ve spoken about before.

Who is Kellie?

What is important to you?

  • Family & Friends, Support, Experiences

Three people you would invite to dinner?

  • Michelle Obama, my Dad, Hugh Jackman

Favourite Sports teams:

  • Australian Diamonds & Richmond Tigers

Favourite Food:

  • Any meal with close friends, good wine and lots of laughter

Favourite Movie:

  • Blind Side & Pretty Woman

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