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Centrelink & Aged Care

Centrelink, and in particular, the Aged Pension has certainly changed over the last few years.  Just when you thought retirement was in the bag, the Government change the rules.  Navigating those rules and your eligibility is now much more of a challenge.

We can assist you with determining your eligibility to various benefits, processing of applications and the continued compliance to ensure you continue to receive the benefits.  We also model the impact of changes to your situation on your Centrelink eligibility and hence, overall income.

In addition, the new area of complexity is Aged Care.  Many of our clients find themselves as part of the “sandwich generation” – still have kids at home, but now also needing to cater for aging parents.  The costs and criteria associated with Aged Care options (whether it be a facility or at home) have increased and they are difficult to understand.

We can help work out the best balance of funding Aged Care between lump sum payments, ongoing fees and explain the effect on any Centrelink benefits.  This time may be quite emotional for families, so we take the financial stress away enabling you to be informed and comfortable in the decisions you make.

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