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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not simply about having a Will.  It is about ensuring;

  • someone is able to make decisions on your behalf should you not be able to
  • your wishes are carried out in your absence

We all want to ensure our family is taken care of in our absence, however, many of us are inadvertently leaving a headache for your family by not having a properly drafted will, or leaving funds to beneficiaries who will be forced to pay a tax bill thanks to our generosity!

In addition, it is important to think about those assets that are not covered as part of your Will or Estate and ensure that you have named beneficiaries correctly.

Estate Planning is also about ensuring things are taken care of whilst you are still living, however, may not be able to make decisions.  Appointing the right person to do this on your behalf is an important aspect and can be done via Powers of Attorney, such as Medical or Financial.

Together, we work through your thoughts and wishes and apply available strategies to achieve them. We then refer you to a solicitor to draft the legal documents.

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