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We encourage you to refer to the FPA site and the article Things to Consider which includes a list of considerations to ask your financial adviser.

A financial adviser’s role is to understand:

  • the complexities involved in investment, taxation & insurances
  • to keep up to date with ever changing legislation
  • to have knowledge & experience of available financial strategies
  • and apply all of this to your personal situation to achieve your desired goal.

The earlier you seek advice, the better.  In the beginning it may be a small savings goal, or income protection policy.  However, over time your needs change, and you have engaged with a trusted adviser who knows your situation and what you are looking to achieve.

We have two advisers with Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and two other staff with Diploma in Financial Services.  In addition, Mathew is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with the Financial Planning Association.

The most important aspect, we believe, is experience.  Our office has combined over 35 years experience in the financial planning industry.

Depending upon your needs, we have three levels of advice, limited, comprehensive and complex and each has a fee range.  Fees are paid direct on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Alternatively, a fee can be deducted from your investment balance if you wish (it is important to note the impact of this on investments).

All fees are disclosed initially and agreed to in writing before they are incurred.

Good advice can only be given, if we have a clear understanding of your current financial situation.  This includes:

  • Income & expenditure information
  • Assets & liabilities details, including;
  • Investment details
  • Superannuation details
  • Interest rates, loan facilities
  • Insurance details
  • Will & PoA information

In addition, it helps to give some thought as to why you are seeking advice, what is it you are looking to achieve?

Anything and everything!!  We have a vast range of clients seeking advice for a variety of different reasons.  No question is ever too silly, too hard or not worth considering.  Some of the questions clients have asked include:

  • How much age pension can I get?
  • Why am I paying this much tax?
  • What happens if I sell?
  • How do I make sure my sister doesn’t get her hands on my estate
  • Isn’t a Power of Attorney and executor the same thing?
  • What shares do you think I should buy
  • We want to do renovations, how are we going to do it?
  • How can I access my super?
  • $40,000 a year is too much in retirement, how much do you think?
  • Should I put money into super or pay off the mortgage?
  • Can I get a better interest rate on my savings?

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