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No one likes insurances.  It is something that we believe we pay too much for, yet hope to never use.  No one wants to be in a situation where they need to claim on their insurance, but we need to ensure the right policy is in place just in case.

This means protecting you, your family and your income.

The different types of insurance include;

  • Life Insurance
    • It may be your life that we are insuring but it is your financial dependants that we are considering.  Consider who will pay the mortgage, other loans, school fees or even funeral costs in your absence
    • Life insurance will provide a lump sum payment to ease the financial burden that your loved ones may incur
  • Income Protection Insurance
    • Your income represents your greatest asset, yet many of us do not insure it.  If something happens to you, and you are unable to earn an income, how will the mortgage payments be met, can the school fees be paid, what will happen to your long term plans
    • Income protection insurance provides a regular payment to help meet your everyday living expenditure
  • Trauma Insurance
    • We all know some one who has been affected by a heart attack, cancer or stroke – it is unfortunately a common occurrence today.  If this were to happen, how would you fund your medical expenses, whilst still trying to provide for the family?  What if you needed long term care or modifications to your home or car?
    • Trauma insurance covers these critical illnesses (and over 60 others) by paying a lump sum payment to you
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
    • As unpleasant as it may be to think about, in the event that you were never able to work again, how would you meet your ongoing living expenditure?  Would you have enough savings to provide for medical expenses or rehabilitation?
    • TPD insurance provides a lump sum benefit in the event that you are totally and permanently disabled as  result of an illness or accident and unable to work again

There are a range of other covers including Child Cover, Business Expense, and Buy/Sell insurances that have specific events that are covered.

Our role is to find the happy medium between adequate insurance cover to ensure you or your family are not completely derailed by an unforeseen event and the ongoing cost of insurance and impact on your hip pocket.  We make sure that the policy we recommend for you is the right one for your specific circumstances with the range of options available within each policy.

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