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Our Values

Financial Planning By Design prides itself on providing the  solution for every goal, by adhering to our core principles and ensuring a personalised service for all.


In a world that’s full of complications, we know just how beautiful simplicity can be. At Financial Planning by Design, we value simplicity, and transparency. We want to empower you to better understand your finances, and give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your financial life is taken care of.

Individual Solutions

Instead of focusing on the specific return, we want to help you reach your individual goals – whether that’s funding your children’s education, transitioning to retirement, or anything in between. Financial Planning by Design focuses on attaining the things that matter to you, not pushing any specific product or market-driven agenda.

Adaptability and Flexibility

At Financial Planning by Design, we believe financial management should be an ongoing partnership. We celebrate your achievements and ensure that contingencies are always in place, just in case. We also work with you closely over time, updating our blueprint to reflect the changes in your life, and planning for new goals as they arise.

Long Term Strategy

A well thought-out financial strategy is not a temporary solution – Financial Planning by Design focuses on long term success. By providing quality advice and trusting in our planned approach, we can help you stay focused on achieving your end goal proactively and effectively.

Continual Learning

Our team is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. We stay on top of legislative and economic changes, as well as continually improving our knowledge of the latest strategies and products. This ensures we can provide you with the highest quality advice, stemming from the most innovative practices.

These values permeate throughout our business, and put simply, when Mat’s son was asked what his dad did for a living, he replied “my daddy helps people sort out their money”.

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